Create a compatibility pack for comboot

You want to create a compatibility pack for a phpBB extension? This is how you do it:

  1. Download the extension you want to create a compatibility pack for (from:
  2. Create a new folder comboot inside the styles folder of the extension (e.g. /phpbb/boardannouncements/styles/comboot) Now copy the content of the prosilver folder into the new created comboot folder.
  3. The next step is editing the files inside the comboot folder, to make it compatible with bootstrap. The best way is to read the bootstrap docs and get familiar with the way to style elements.
  4. Every style file should have the ComBoot look. If you done that, you can submit your compatibility pack here. After a review, the pack will get published and everyone using the extension ComBoot and your compatibility pack gets the perfect result.

How to install compatibility pack

You want to use a extension, that is compatible with ComBoot?

  • Download and install the extension you want to use (from:
  • More infos about installing an extension here:
  • Purchase and download the compatible package from the ComBoot extensions database
  • Now ensure, that the ComBoot style folder is named comboot (and not ComBoot-3.1-master like it is, when you download it from github). If not, rename it.
  • Last but not least upload the ComBoot compatible package into the /ext/ folder of your phpBB installation