Upcoming Features

New: Compatibility with 3.1
New: Icons on panels (e.g. statistics, online member etc.)
New: FontAwesome Icons on non WYSIWYG editor buttons
New: Update notification for admins
Fix: Broken image
Fix: Layout bugs
Fix: Icon sizes
Fix: Wrong background on bootstrap themes
Remove: Not needed files

Version 1.0 (21.11.2014)

Known Issues
Wrong table column size
Breadcrumb are not bootstrap color dynamic
Quote on post reply does not work with WYSIWYG editor

** Free and Premium Edition **

New Name: We switched from proBoot3 to ComBoot
Ready for Bootstrap 3.3.1
New: Redesigned logo
New: Colorpicker for group color (UCP)
New: Lightbox for post images
New: Default avatar
New: Simple html syntax highlighter for post code
New: Scroll2Top button
New: Topic Title Preview like Xenforo
New: Quickreply collapsible
Updated: Bootstrap-Select
Updated: Syntax Highlighting
Updated: jQuery 
Fix: Post review layout
Fix: Moved all external js and css file requests outsite the header file
Fix: A ton of mobile optimization
Fix: Responsive tables
Fix: Outsourced some boxes in own files
Fix: Drafts on pm pages
Fix: A lot off mobile stuff
Fix: UCP layout part 3
Fix: MCP layout
Fix: Select box length
Fix: Navbar login form
Fix: Footer container removed
Fix: New post/topic tab issue
Fix: Board disabled warning
Fix: Post preview layout
Fix: Navigation buttons (on index, topic, UCP and MCP pages)
Fix: Some little other bugs
Remove: Not necessary css files

** Premium Edition only **

New: WYSIWYG editor on reply and quickreply
New: Config file to customize theme (edit the /template/config.html file)
  Mobile responsible (on/off)
  Boxed layout (on/off)
  Position of header navbar (above/below logo)
  Logo in header (on/off)
  Additional user navbar (on/off)
  Force additional user button (on/off)
  Fix header navbar (on/off)
  Inverted header navbar (on/off)
  Fix footer navbar (on/off)
  Inverted footer navbar (on/off)
  WYSIWYG editor on reply (on/off)
  WYSIWYG editor on quickreply (on/off)
  Profile information align on posts page (right/left)
  Show user online/offline badge (on/off)
  Rounded Avatars (on/off)
  Show login panel (on/off)
  Show jumpbox (on/off)
  Inverted footer navbar (on/off)
  Turn off phpBB copyright
Fix: Insert image in WYSIWYG#

Version 0.9 (01.05.2014)

New: Topic poll layout
New: Responsive logo
New: Scroll2Top button on every page
Update: Font-Awesome 4.1
Fixed: Huge MCP layout fix
Fixed: Search page fix
Fixed: UCP layout part 2
Fixed: New user profile fix
Fixed: Pagination fix

Version 0.8 (28.04.2014)

New: New user profile layout
Fixed: Huge UCP layout fix
Fixed: HTML5 fix