How to use the theme preview

ComBoot is completely compatible to every well coded bootstrap theme.

If you want to see, how ComBoot looks with any bootswatch theme, you can use the provided theme selector on the demo page:

To use is, just like on the “Select theme” box and select the theme you want to preview.

Now you can view any comboot page with the selected theme.

Install Theme

It does not matter if you use the free or the premium edition, because the installation process is completely the same.

But lets start:

  • Download the ComBoot theme
  • Use any unzip program (e.g. WinRar or 7zip) and unzip the theme on your desktop
  • Start your favorite ftp client (e.g. FileZilla)
  • Now upload the previously unzipped folder to /your-phpBB-installation/styles
  • Be sure, that the style folder is called comboot, so the path to your style looks like /your-phpBB-installation/styles/comboot. Only then, extensions are able to support ComBoot!

If you have any issue, be sure to ask a question in the community!