Closed Beta for phpBB 3.1/3.2 available

We currently don’t accept new beta users!

First: Sorry for this late “release” for phpBB 3.1/3.2

It was way more work then I expected and some circumstances made it impossible for me to release it earlier. But nevertheless: The first beta version is available!
To be true, its a closed beta. Why? Just simple: I don’t want the beta version to spread all over the www, because its very important to update to another version (next Beta, RC) later.

Thats it for now. Hope you enjoy the beta 🙂

Simply write your github username in the form on the top of this post (“Sign Up for beta”)

No problem! Just use the demo and find bugs there 🙂

Many many bugs waiting in every corner of the theme. But with your help, we can fix them fast.

Update: Many bugs are already fixed 😀

Short answer: Everything! Including extensions, unnormal use cases etc.

Please open an issue on Github!

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